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Rebar cutting machine

GQ55 cutting machine

The copper core motor is resistant to high temperature and has strong power. 2. High temperature quenching and forging gears, wear-resistant and durable. 3. Enlarging and deepening the trough can cut multiple steel bars at one time. 4. Forging tool holder and connecting rod will not deform under heavy load for a long time. 5. Increase the output of the flywheel and make it easier to cut steel bars. 5. Dual-control clutch lever, flexible and convenient. 6. Two kinds of blades are optional: round knife (cutting round steel), flat knife (cutting thread steel, hot-rolled round steel, square steel, carbon steel, flat steel). 7. Wide range of applications: construction sites, steel bar processing centers, bridge construction, building materials companies, engineering construction.

Product numberGQ55 steel bar cutting machine
Overall size1430x450x750mm
cut round bar42mm
cut rebar40mm
Motor speed2860r/min
Motor Power4kw
Rated voltage380v
Total Weight464kg
Blade size90x90x26mm
Punching times32 times/min

GQ55 cutting machine(图1)

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