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mobile mixing station

Mobile forced mixing station

The mobile forced mixing plant is a kind of compulsory equipment, which can produce various kinds of concrete such as plastic and dry concrete. It has high production efficiency. ideal equipment. The main machine of the mixing system adopts JS series twin-shaft forced mixer, which has the advantages of good mixing concrete homogeneity, short mixing time, long service life of wearing parts, and convenient operation and maintenance. It adopts electronic weighing, microcomputer control, Digital display and other control technologies, electronic weighing are equipped with buffer device and automatic compensation function, and the measurement accuracy is high. The sand and gravel feeding system adopts a large width herringbone belt feeding, and is equipped with a pedestrian walkway, which is an ideal choice for the majority of construction units to produce high-quality concrete. It includes a power mechanism connected with the transmission mechanism through a shaft and a drum driven by the transmission mechanism, a gear ring arranged around the drum cylinder is installed on the drum cylinder, and a gear meshed with the ring gear is arranged on the transmission shaft. The structure of the utility model is simple and reasonable. After the gears and the ring gear are meshed, the slip phenomenon between the supporting roller and the mixer drum can be effectively overcome in rainy and foggy weather; the adopted transmission mechanism can further reduce the slippage between the supporting roller and the mixer drum. Phenomenon.

product nameYHZS50 mobile forced mixer
Product numberHZS50 type
mixer modelJS1000
stirring power2X11KW
Batching machine modelPLD1600
Cement weighing max.500kg
Additive maximum weighing20kg
Overall size10.6X2.1X4.4m
Theoretical throughput50m3/h
Slope height1.5m
Maximum particle size of bone particles80mm
Aggregate species2
water weighing max.250kg
Aggregate weighing max.3000kg
Mixing barrel size1.8X1.82m (steel plate thickness 1 cm)

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Mobile forced mixing station(图5)

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