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concrete paver

Suspended concrete paver

Suspension high-frequency leveling machine supports the high-frequency leveling machine on the suspension, and can complete the slurry leveling work of large-span cement concrete surface. It is widely used in: pavement, factory floor, bridge deck, square, tunnel, airstrip Waiting for the paving of the project to be leveled. 1. Changed from the formwork on both sides as the support point to the eight-point suspension support; 2. The working form is electric self-propelled, which increases reliability, facilitates operation and reduces labor intensity.

product nameSuspended concrete paver
Paving thickness10-25cm
Paving width8-20m
Walking speed10-20m/min
Travel motor9kw-30kw
Vibration motor3kw-18.5kw

Suspended concrete paver(图1)

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