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Job requirements for concrete batching plant operators

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Now companies, factories, etc. have very strict job requirements for employees, especially some applicants who are not very experienced. They need to understand the requirements of the positions they want to apply for and prepare for interviews, so that the chances of being recruited will be greater. , The requirements for recruiting operators of concrete batching plants are also very strict. Below, the management staff of Far East Machinery will share with you the job requirements for operators of concrete batching plants. You may wish to refer to them.

Job requirements for concrete batching plant operators:

1. Equipment operation

1. Familiar with the safe operation rules of the mixer, the operator will cooperate with the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.

2. Familiar with the functions of metering operation panel, mixer operation panel, aggregate cement operation panel, production machinery corresponding to each function key, meter, warning light, executive electrical appliances and execution sequence.

3. Familiar with the functions of the manual control keys on the surface of the stirring power plate, auxiliary machine power plate and aggregate power plate, as well as their corresponding mechanical mechanisms, power appliances and their execution sequences.

4. Each shift should prepare shift records, equipment maintenance and repair records. When the shift is handed over, the concrete supply records should be sent to the material department and the receipt records should be made. The shift records of machinery and equipment should be kept for future reference.

2. Overhaul and maintenance of mixing plant and related equipment

1. Blender:

Lubrication: Shaft end seals and shaft end bearings are filled with grease according to regulations, and the synchronous gear, power chain, power main reducer, and power motor bearings are inspected every shift, and lubricating oil is added or replaced according to regulations.

Machinery and others: Check the sealing condition of the shaft end seal of the mixer every shift; regularly check the status of the synchronous gear, power chain, power main reducer, and power motor bearings; regularly check the discharge door (including the finished product hopper) and the cylinder; Plate tightening and wear; feed inlet, chute wear and adhesion cleaning; cameras, lighting equipment cleaning; air supply pipeline, oil cup oil volume, oil-water separator water discharge;

Mixer dust collector: check the linkage between the butterfly valves of the dust collector and the mixer; the working status of the active dust removal fan, the dust collector back-blowing device, and the vibrator; check whether the vacuum pipe is broken, and the dust accumulation in the vacuum pipe and cleaning; dust collector The accumulation and cleaning of dust in the accumulation department.

Finished product hopper: clean the cylinder of the sticky substance in the hopper, check and fill the oil cup in the air supply pipeline, and discharge the accumulated water in the oil-water separator.

The protective doors of each distribution box are well closed to remove dust; check and clean tools and lock them; improve the environmental sanitation of tool room and electrical room

2. Weighing system:

Check the cylinder, gas circuit leakage, oil level in the oil cup, water in the separator and deal with it; check and deal with the leakage of the admixture, water pipeline, and discharge port of the measuring hopper; check the stop position of the admixture throttling tank; each sensor and circuit inspection; inspection and treatment of hopper dust cover, soft joint and arch breaking device; check whether there are sundries in the hopper and clean it up; the admixture in the admixture bucket is cleaned every shift

3. Receiving system:

Rotary distributor: check the operation of the motor and the reducer; check the flexibility and reliability of the limit switch; the condition of the chute and the upper hopper and the cleaning of the adhesion; clean the dust on the motor and the reducer cover; maintain each lubrication point

High-level cement silo: the airtightness of the silo body and the airtightness of each sub-silo

Storage silo: Check whether the cylinder action and valve opening are normal; check and troubleshoot the air supply pipeline, add oil to the lubricating cylinder oil cup and discharge the accumulated water; check the action of the cement butterfly valve; check the leakage of the water supply system. The damage of each protective plate and cover; clean the dust of the distribution box

4. Mechanical room:

Check the fan load, temperature rise, belt tension; lubricate the shaft end bearing of the fan and feeder; check the lubricating oil level of the fan and the reducer of the feeder, add or replace it as required; clean the fan filter; check the bottom of the cement silo Check whether the gate valve and powder conveying pipeline are leaking and clean; check the flexible action of each pneumatic valve and solenoid valve; clean the power control panel; clean the dust and debris on the motor chain protective cover; the working condition of each arch breaker

Air compressor: Check the air compressor for over-temperature stop or failure prompts and deal with it in time; check the motor belt and its tension; regularly clean the air filter of the air compressor; regularly check the oil level of the air compressor lubricating oil; Drain the condensed water in the air receiver, cold dryer, oil-water separator

5. Feeding system:

Aggregate conveying equipment: check the operation of the belt and the interface; check the cylinder action of each feeding port and the opening and closing of the bucket door; check the operation of the belt idler; check whether the motor operation and temperature rise are normal; regularly check the oil level of the driving drum; Airtight, oil cup oil level and drainage; check whether the flow sensor is normal; clean the reversing and tensioning wheel adhesions every shift; power supply lines and lighting conditions; adjustment of the belt conveyor head scraper; adjustment of the belt cleaner ; Check whether the positioning screw of the driving drum and the oiling screw are loose; whether the sprinkler works abnormally; the wear degree of the hopper in the transfer station and the cleaning of the adhesion; oil filling at each lubricating point

The operation of the motor and the water pump; the leakage of the water pipe valve; check the liquid level of the oil chamber of the pump, and add it immediately if it is insufficient; check the liquid level of the pool at any time, and replenish it in time if it is insufficient;

6. Admixture equipment:

Leakage of pipelines and valves; operation of admixture pump.