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Concrete batching plant safety production emergency plan rescue principles

时间:2022-04-19 09:33:12 作者:远东 点击:

In order to strengthen the company's comprehensive command ability for handling major emergencies, industrial and traffic accidents, improve the response speed of emergency rescue and the level of coordination between departments, so as to quickly and effectively deal with various emergencies, reduce company losses to a large extent, and ensure safety For the realization of production and high-quality service, Zhengzhou Yuandong Machinery has specially formulated the rescue principles for the safety production emergency plan for concrete batching plants, which can be used for your reference.

Concrete batching plant safety production emergency plan rescue principles:

1. The principle of "unified command and system linkage".

For the handling of sudden crisis events, the company's emergency command center (or authorized department) shall command the personnel and teams of relevant departments within the company in a unified manner, coordinate relevant external units or relevant personnel, and make full use of and exert all existing resources. The existing command organization, personnel, equipment, materials, information, and work methods are organized and assembled to ensure effective control and rapid handling of emergencies.

2. The principle of "permanent preparation and people-oriented".

Organically combine pre-event prevention and post-event emergency response, and implement various tasks of emergency management in daily management according to the actual needs of emergency rescue to improve the level of crisis prevention.

3. The principle of "quick response, coordinated solution".

Each department and each team should establish a rapid response plan and mechanism for early warning and handling of emergencies in their own departments and teams accordingly, to ensure the preparation of material and human resources, and in the event of a crisis, ensure the closeness of the links of discovery, reporting, command, and disposal. Connect and respond in a timely manner.

4. The principle of on-site temporary disposal after the occurrence of emergencies.

In order to ensure the effective control of the spread of emergencies under the existing conditions on the site, before being instructed by the company's emergency guidance team, the on-site leader (or direct) can take emergency actions immediately to avoid or reduce losses. Implement the following principles:

(1) Organize on-site forces to control the development of the situation;

(2) mobilize rescue forces to carry out emergency rescue for the injured;

(3) Organize personnel vehicles, repair equipment urgently, and arrange personnel to explain the work at the construction site;

(4) Keep communication unblocked and report the situation at any time;

(5) Analyze the situation on site, define the danger zone in time, and protect the site;

 (6) Analyze risk profits and losses, and organize emergency rescue in the case of avoiding casualties.