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Emergency plan for safety production of concrete batching plant - what about sudden rainstorm

时间:2022-04-19 09:25:12 作者:远东 点击:

In order to ensure the normal operation of the concrete batching plant even in the event of an emergency, many manufacturers will prepare some emergency measures to prevent the arrival of emergencies. Today, Far East Machinery will share with you the emergency plan for the safety production of the concrete batching plant - what about the sudden rainstorm Solved for your reference.

Concrete batching plant safety production emergency plan - how to solve sudden rainstorm:

①If there is a heavy rain during the shift scheduling, you should communicate and negotiate with the construction site in time to do a good job in the on-site treatment, and inspect whether the color steel tiles of the silo and hopper are in good condition, and whether there is water leakage and rain everywhere;

② During the quality inspection on duty, pay attention to observe the slump, workability, etc. of each tray of concrete discharged from the machine. Before the concrete tanker waiting in line to receive ash arrives at the discharge port, water should be discharged again, and check whether the hopper of the transport vehicle is not Put on a rain cloth in time;

③ The tester should re-measure the moisture content of coarse and fine aggregates in time, and adjust the mixing ratio in time according to the change of moisture content;

④The mixing driver should observe on the monitor whether there is any leakage of rainwater in the ground silo, the change of the sand and gravel material on the inclined belt during the feeding process, and the change of the slump of the out-of-machine concrete;

⑤ The safety officer should check in time whether the lightning protection equipment of the mixing station is in good condition;

⑥ The station master inspects the entire mixing station in time and checks the operation of the machinery, each takes his own responsibilities and sticks to his job;

⑦The general dispatcher will coordinate with the person in charge of the construction site in time on the situation inside and outside the station to ensure that all work is carried out in an orderly manner.

The emergency plan for the safety production of concrete batching plant shared above - how to solve the sudden rainstorm, manufacturers can refer to it, it is very beneficial to the safety production to do a good job of prevention.